ecofris: efficient data centre cooling from Keysource

ecofris is the award winning high performance cooling solution designed and developed by Keysource and is a key component of its Modular Data Centre Infrastructure offering. Providing flexible, efficient and resilient data centre cooling, ecofris enables the deployment of the latest IT technology to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

ecofris employs through wall airflow and ceiling return with integrated pressure and temperature controls. This indirect recirculating free cooling solution is free from the limitations of a direct fresh air system yet delivers a comparable annualised PUE.

Supporting mixed densities from 1kW – 30kW anytime and anywhere, ecofris maximises capacity and improves flexibility. This reduces the reliance on separate backup systems, freeing up stranded and reserved power capacity that can be better used for more IT or to reduce utility and standby power infrastructure.

Utilising a water cooled chiller for high ambient temperatures and a dry cooler with adiabatic enhancement for free cooling, ecofris is not reliant on water for capacity but just for efficiency. This combined with modular components and pipework ensures the highest levels of resilience in a scalable way with no compromise.

With over 15MW of systems installed and 50MW in design, our award winning and innovative solutions are available to complement an existing facility or as part of a new build.

Speak to us today to see how you can benefit from utilising the ecofris design as a stand-alone solution or as part of our complete Modular Data Centre Infrastructure.


  • Flexible IT deployments, up to 30kW per rack, anytime, anywhere
  • Modular deployment with scalable solutions
  • Highly resilient design using optimised chilled water
  • Reduced risk by not using direct fresh air
  • Highly efficient with maximum free cooling
  • Lower capex and opex with optimised performance
  • Predictability with complete separation using contained racks
  • New build and retrofit

Cooling Debate White Papers:

Keysource presents a comprehensive debate and conclusions on key topics related to the cooling and efficiency of the data centre. Our white papers report on the Keysource hosted roundtable of industry expert participants, including the Uptime Institute, who shared their real experiences and views on:

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ecofris: Efficient Data Centre Cooling explained

“Keysource’s ecofris solution has enabled extremely efficient, predictable cooling for high densities, whilst removing the cooling plant and associated water service risks from the IT space. The end result is complete alignment of our energy efficiency goals with those of our clients – a reduced carbon footprint and reduced cost.”

Dominic Phillips, Managing Director,
Datum Datacentres.

Mike Turff, PGS, describes Keysource’s first ecofris installation in 2009

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delivered by Keysource

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